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A Very Special Thank You!!!

"Paying it forward" is the real message behind Nicolas and his team's work at Vivid Landscape Lighting. On June 12, 2020, we received an email. The email read,

"Hi, I wanted my company to give back to the city and came across Friends of DAWC.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in a free lighting design and installation for the clubhouse. I know it's not much but let me know if you're interested. You can check my work out via IG @VIVIDLANDSCAPELIGHTING.


Nicolas K."

As the secretary of the Detroit Association of Women's Clubs, Inc, I routinely check the organization's email for correspondence. But I honestly thought nothing of this email. So I responded and said, "Yes, we'd be interested." and I left our phone number. A week went by, and then we got a call, it was Nicolas! He said he wanted to see the property and asked when we could meet up.

We scheduled a tour for a hot summer day in July, and that's when the magic happened. Nicolas and his team got straight to work. They installed professional lighting around the historic clubhouse, drawing attention to our beloved property's beautiful architecture. The landmark side porch had been highlighted, along with the pathways leading to the main entrance. Instantly, the clubhouse transformed. It had never had commercial lighting. At night, it was dark, and people barely paid it any mind. Nicolas and his team gave back to the community through the clubhouse free of charge simply because "I wanted my company to give back to the city."

We cannot thank Vivid Landscape Lighting enough for their service. We will always remember this kind deed.

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