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Fellow Bibliophiles - welcome to DetroitREADS!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

"A well-read woman is a dangerous thing..."

And well-read we are...the DAWC is so excited to kick off another year of gathering our book-toting ladies together to experience another thrilling read. We received free copies of the book and funding through the Michigan Humanities' Great Michigan Read which creates statewide discussion around a Michigan themed book. This program is used to facilitate reading and programs that "bridge communities around a common conversation".

The current read is "The Women of Copper Country" by Mary Doria Russell. It is a historical fiction novel set in Calumet, Michigan the heart of the copper mining industry. This novel has taken our readers on a trip into the past. American labor relations are at a pivotal moment and we learn the role Annie Clements (fictionalized through main character, Anna Klobuchar Clements) played in the labor uprising involved close to 9,000 miners.

Every month members of the DetroitREADS! book club gather to discuss the book and current events related to the topic. Stimulating conversations take place around different Detroit-based coffee shops and we're so excited to continue learning more about ourselves and each other through our literary journey.

If you're interested in joining DetroitREADS! please send your name, email address and favorite book to us at We'd love to have you!

From cover to cover,


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