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Dr. Nkeiru Okoye’s Black Bottom

On the evening of Saturday March 7th at 8pm esteemed composer, Dr. Nkeiru Okoye honored the Detroit Association of Women's Clubs, Inc. in her world premier of Black Bottom at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Okoye served as the Composer-in-Residence as apart of the orchestra’s Classical Roots Celebration. Okoye’s piece included Dr. Rosa L. Slade Gragg’s story and how she advocated tirelessly for "Negro" women across the nation. Dr. Okoye was later honored at the clubhouse with a reception to offer our greetings and appreciation for her masterpiece. We also honored Dr. Okoye by presenting her with honorary membership to the Detroit Association of Women's Clubs, Inc. We will forever remember this moment.

Check out the link below for more photos:

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